Chocolate Fantasia is BACK!

Guest Writer: Kelly Dolling, Dolling Insurance

Dolling Insurance LOVES a good downtown event. What can we say? We are all about supporting what our neighboring businesses have cookin’ as well as those BIG PICTURE ideas for our little town.  Well, we just so happened to have the opportunity to sit down with the one and only Vici Miranda, Re-Max Realtor and Tehama County enthusiast, to chat about an exciting DOWNTOWN EVENT that supports her EPIC VISION of The Big Splash Project.

It’s time for Chocolate Fantasia. Whether you have or haven’t heard of this beloved Soroptimist event, you’re in for an absolute treat this year! Scheduled for Friday, February 8th, this delightful event offers tasty ways to indulge a little, shop a little, and support a fabulous cause while you’re at it!

When we caught wind that this awesome shindig had been moved to the 600 Block on Main Street, we couldn’t help but ask why the decision was made to move it downtown and transition away from the more buffet/sit down model that had been used . . . and loved . . . in previous years. Miranda told us that while the old model was fun, it was also a lot of work. She continued, “I love the idea of trying something a little different that supports local commerce at the same time.”

Although much of the credit can be given to Miranda, she shared that Sophia Swarthout of Wink and the Main Block reached out about creating a Valentine chocolate/wine event to support the Splash Park. This one little contact led to a change in plans and a new home for Chocolate Fantasia had been found. We don’t know about you . . . but it sounds a bit like kizmet to us 😉

Contacting Swarthout seemed fitting as our questions to Miranda unearthed that nice juicy tidbit about downtown wanting to support the cause. We just had to know . . . what excited Sophia about this event partnership?

“I’m excited about a LOT of things,” laughed Swarthout. “But, mainly I’m excited that our little town is joining together to make Red Bluff better in so many ways – the Splash Park is a big part of it!” We couldn’t agree more with this wonderful statement. Miranda also mentioned that Alana Hoagland, owner of Plum Crazy, stepped up to coordinate aspects of this upcoming event. When we sat down with Hoagland, she didn’t miss a beat in the excitement department. She divulged that for the first time ever all of the 600 Block storefronts (minus one) are participating in this joint event.

“Our goal is to continue to support our community any way we can, because they support us,” Hoagland said. This event provided the perfect opportunity to come together and collaborate over a cause that matters to so many.

Are you ready to attend? Still on the fence?  Let us help you move into the YES category. We probed to find out what else is different to the event this year.  “Aside from the change of venue, the recipes will be mostly new,” said Miranda. “But, don’t worry . . . we will still include some old favorites!”

The shops will be stepping up their game as well. In addition to delicious wine and chocolate samplings, Wink, Plum Crazy and other storefronts will have fun and fresh items on display.

“We will have tons of new and cute stuff to browse,” said Swarthout. “But, most importantly, you will see the community coming out to support downtown and The Splash Park.”

Written by Kelley Dolling