Soroptimist “goes dark”

Every year from June to August, SIRB “goes dark”.  What this means is that this is our less active time of the year.  Note, I didn’t say inactive.  You see, a Soroptimist member never stops.  This time off allows some members a small amount of time off from meetings and events.  However some members never stop! Our board members during the dark time attend our Sierra Nevada Region’s hosted Soroptimist Development Retreat (SDR), where they are able to learn more about being a part of the leadership, how to operate the club’s day to day operations, an how to be a Soroptimist!

It’s a great way to meet other wonderful women from all of the other clubs in our region.  The SDR is a quick 2 day retreat in Reno.  The education is great, the food is great, the accommodations and the extra curricular activity is great too!

If you’re interested in learning how to become a Soroptimist, don’t delay!  Send us a message at or find us on facebook @SIRedBluff.  Before we “Go LIVE” in September, the Red Bluff Club will have our annual summer retreat. President, Jill Wabbel, with her theme “Be the Spark”, will have some fun fresh new ideas to get involved this year.